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The idea; Born in December 2015, and in May 2016, Latin Business Magazine Inc is established as a company. For a long period, the online portal remained active and in August first, 2019, it was legally consolidated as Latin Business Holdings Inc, seeking to maintain a strategic plan for successful businesses, as a marketing, communication, online and print content generator, advertising, and business development agency.

Legal Registration

Name of Company Latin Business Holdings Inc
Incorporation Number No. BC1093212
Business Number No 746607720BC0001

Thank you for visiting our website. Do you want to know more about us? Tell us a little about yourself, your story. What is your current situation? What do you want to find in us? What is your idea or what are you planning to do? How can we help make your idea or project a success? Well, we are looking for partners, investors, sponsors or entrepreneurs, people with a lot of positive energy, people who want to do things of impact, people who like big challenges, people who like to work in a win-win team.   If you think you are ready to start building your dreams, please write to us.

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